Your site is awesome, the design superb, the artwork vibrant, filled with humour and life as always. How about some real snapshots of you creating your masterpieces, Gail...not hiding behind a pet or easel, either!

Your work is the most exciting I have seen in years! So full of life and questions, humour and colour. I am so happy to have you in my life/gallery.
joan | dragonfly arts, orangeville, ontario

Dark, humorous and original! I love this work!

I love your website. It is so you! And your art is amazing. I am always blown away by your talent.

Gail's art continues to amaze and enthrall me. I have many pieces of her work in my home and every time my eye catches one of her paintings I catch my breath. So much depth and quirkiness in her pieces. It's about time her work was available online so that others can see how wonderful her work is. What a treat to get to see the many mediums she is comfortable with, from painting on wood, to her work on fabric, and her drawings and paintings. One wildly creative woman.....

the site is amazing! the art, as always, is provocative and speaks to the souls of all. how lucky I am to know this artist and to know her work!
patti |